“This poetry is a graph or picture of a mind moving.” ~Philip Whalen

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To Verse Or To Free Verse
by Anni Johnson

Mine: A horse with barbed-wire bit
feeling blindly for the bard. Drip. Drip.

The pounding. The pounding.

Incandescent flashes: Constructs of the ego. The pounding.

The pounding. Is there anybody in there?

A right or wrong path?
Does a “firm persuasion” exist?

The pounding.

Pounding the way music passes
in organized chaos like knots:
interdependent, connected.

The whole orchestral potential
ending with frog phobia.

I just tied up my gladiolas.


On The Nature Of (Wo)man
by Anni Johnson

Lost in the middle,
you built your wall
you feisty, feminine warrior.

The bee that stung you
transformed your face
for battle: an epic
middle-man journey

that would land you
on your back, monitors beeping.

An imbalance of humours
causes the body pain. Yellow bile
leads your injury: bitter taste,
followed by excessive thirst.

We had joy, we had fun,
we had seasons in the sun… 
but the fabric of life allowed
the devil’s pocket to open.

The past and the here and now
are never very far from each other.
A tasty organ of life
dilled in a fine brine
will eat you alive.

You guard your secret heart
that sits to the side
and bleeds.


The Best Use of Situation
by Anni Johnson, 2015

Mom seeks solace:

Wondering – wandering lonely as a cloud –
what Wordsworth would have thought
could he have flown
miles above the daffodils

in boundless, open light and space.
A container thrust forward
by a jolt of blue.

There is nothing but time
when flying:
to see the Sun shine –
to listen to your heart –

to whisper beauty
in pure phenomenon.

All rights reserved, 2016.

Photo: K Ann Johnson


Fat Ptarmigan
by Anni Johnson

First published https://dineandrhymeblog.com/2016/07/23/fat-ptarmigan/

For a pizza adventure,
visit the craftsman           Guy
at the rotund snow chicken –
corner of E and 5th.

A culinary Sourdough
performing magic
with a thinly stretched
smoky crust,

homemade mozzarella,
and build your own
add-ons: basil and tomato – my choice.
I savored the tangy sauce with fresh herbs

cleverly complimented with
Denali Brew – a hoppy
making IPA; refreshing
after a balmy Tony Knowles ride.

Service at the tundra bird
resembled Florida
in my opinion, not
the land of the polar night.

So, if you’re thinking
of changing your plumage,
consider a stop in Anchorage –
follow the wild yeast.



Van Gogh’s Hope
by Anni Johnson

(After Van Gogh’s Still Life with Pink Roses, 1890. Van Gogh died July, 1890.)

Light shines on waxy leaves and silky petals, pink.
The contrast meant to joy distill, and meaning link
to optimism springing bright –
a long asylum sentence, self-
imposed: Saint-Remy, southern France.
Long vibrant days to paint.

Diagonal, The Path of Wind instructs green strokes
against organic lines of sweet, soft, silken orbs.
The nectar, released by warmth, calls bees
to taste the play of flutes: their touch
releasing attar of rose.

To honey wine hanging heavy, he adds cool grass
with short brush strokes cultivating Candide’s garden yarn,
reminding him of celebrations
that never come too late.

(Link to music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FQx4cEwKD5E)

Van Gogh.jpg




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