I love this guy! Manushima, aka Emanuel Allen, is a photographer based first and foremost on Facebook – you can find his artwork there under Emanuel Allen. I think his imaginative work is created somewhere around Pensacola, FL – I could be wrong. And I believe he is a military guy, too. Wait! A creative in the military? No way!

I talked with Manushima via Snapchat on a crisp fall day here in New York. He did not say what the weather was like where he was at, but I would guess he would say “balmy.” I asked Manushima where he got his inspiration for his work. He said it comes from thinking critically of the living moment. Each of his images highlights various existential issues that arise in the now: whatever strikes him at the moment he creates in his studio, then snaps the image.


Browsing through Manushima’s art on Facebook I found so many great pieces I could hardly choose which to save for this post. The photo above brings to light the tools of his trade – cameras! lots and lots of cameras. Manushima did not say what made him start collecting antique cameras, but he did tell me that his creativity was sparked as a young, four-year-old, boy while watching his older brother and his friends create manga characters in their childhood home near D.C.


The anquish felt by all artists is expressed in the image titled “The Creative Process.” I do not think Manushima needs to worry about his creative process; he is his own muse and model – plenty of ideas brewing. 

Looking at the evolution of Manushima’s imagery, I can see that his set designs have improved significantly. What fun his visual stories are! And his lighting is spot on. I love the drama.

The last time I looked, Manushima had a website where he sold fantastic t-shirts with his images on them. I could not find the site  today; maybe he will see this blog post and make the t-shirts available again.

Thanks, Manushima! Keep the work coming.

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Best – Anni


*All photos courtesy of Manushima. All rights reserved by Manushima, 2016.