Film Review

Film Review: Before The Flood

This film will air on the National Geographic Channel October 30. You don’t want to miss it.

I had the opportunity to view a screening of this fantastic, enlightening, program on climate change at Cornell University, this past week. This is an amazing film. The trailer doesn’t do it justice.

Basically, if we don’t start making earnest efforts at changing our ways of consumption we will all be done; there will be no earth left for our grandchildren. I believe this. There is common sense and science to back claims for climate change. This film shows these facts from all around the world: sand oil in Canada, glacial melt in Alaska, air pollution in Asia, poor drinking water around the globe – in our own back yard. In truth, I think we all know this already. Anyone that doesn’t is deluding themselves, lost in selfish greed.

China is taking far more positive steps in the right direction than is America. Check this film out for information on the actions they are taking for clean air – think solar and wind power.

There is no denying that America, we Americans, are the biggest consumers of the products that are causing the most damage.

This film shows that simply eliminating beef and products made with palm oil from your diet will make a remarkable difference. It’s something that all humans can do right now to effect change on our planet. The gains from this small sacrifice will make a world of difference. None of these food stuffs are healthy: Doritos, Little Debbies, Fritos. Start checking food labels. Don’t buy the stuff.

You can Google “Say no to palm oil” for facts on this issue. And I think anyone who hasn’t heard about the drastic negative affects of factory farmed beef on climate change is living under a rock, but that can be Googled, too.

Spread the word: Mr. Trump and fellow nay saying politicians, Climate change is real. More needs to be done now. The earth cannot wait; it will not wait.

Our voices and our actions will make a difference.