Story Hats

“How can we imagine what our lives should be without the illumination of the lives of others.” ~James Salter

Story Hats on the Wall

(2015 Show at RiverRead based on Lewis Hyde’s The Gift)

 Stories, real stories, are what makes us human. When we stop listening to each other’s stories we expose ourselves to something more dangerous than anger or hated, we face what Elie Wiesel coined, the “perils of indifference.”

About the show:
This show was an extensive process spanning five months that included walking eight miles to all the community gardens in Binghamton, N.Y.  I collected floral material on my walk that was used to “eco-dye” fabrics used in the creation of each piece in the show. All fabrics used in the construction of each piece were recycled or 100% linen/cotton made in the USA. Pieces were hand and machine embroidered and pieced. A request for stories of 500 words or less from the community at large was posted in RiverRead’s newsletter for several months. Stories collected were used as inspiration for the pieces created.  All pieces shown were raffled with proceeds donated to VINES – Binghamton’s community garden cooperative.
Original Write Up_Not Ready Mades

A unique event during the creation of the show – the diagram of the walking map to the community gardens surprisingly took the shape of a hummingbird based on a random Google Maps Search. Hummingbird Map


Read blog post: First Request for Story Hat

Process photos:


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