Artistic Inspiration…

The first piece of art in a series, planned for a December show, is finished. It took me a long time to get started on this project – thanks to a venomous spider bite.

I’m not sure what my theme is yet. Right now there seems to be an “oceanic” element floating under the surface. Perhaps this comes from me trying to express the way it felt to be sailing on the sea during my recent trip to Alaska. Or maybe I’m trying to convey the way the vastness of the Alaskan frontier can send one spiraling down every existential rabbit hole that exists. The mountain ranges are spread out in Alaska, but heading to Anchorage from Fairbanks on route three you skirt along the Talkeetna Range with mountain peaks looming above that are just close enough for you to realize how small you are in this big blue world.

Thanks for visiting! Comments are always welcome.

20160923_181040308_ios  20160923_181254382_ios
Front                                              Back


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