First Poem Published

Finally! My genius is recognized. Well, maybe not my genius (LOL), but Donna Chlimon from said “I love it” about a poem I submitted to her: Fat Ptarmigan. Read it here on her blog  –

 Donna somehow found my newly updated blog and clicked “follow”, and I did the same and followed her to her blog – the name piqued my interest. Reading Donna’s blog, I immediately knew I had to try to write a poem she would be proud to post. And what luck for me, I was still trekking through Alaska trying out the local cuisine, so I had plenty of fresh material.

 Donna’s blog exudes southern mid-west hospitality with its Sela WordPress theme, and cuter than cute hostess photo. It just looks fun, but nothing beats her blog subject: foodie fest meets poesies. Who could want for anything more? Not me.

 But don’t just stop at my poem on Donna’s pages: Donna not only hosts other poets, but she also writes her own fantastic foodie poems about restaurants in and around her lifetime haunt: the windy city, Chicago. I thoroughly enjoyed her work.

 Thanks, Donna!

Image: Ptarmigan:

Fat Ptarmigan is the name of a pizza place in Anchorage that I thought was clever in design and delicious. I had a great time doing historical research for this poem. And Ptarmigan? I had to figure out that odd name.


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