Month: July 2016

First Poem Published

Finally! My genius is recognized. Well, maybe not my genius (LOL), but Donna Chlimon from said “I love it” about a poem I submitted to her: Fat Ptarmigan. Read it here on her blog  –

 Donna somehow found my newly updated blog and clicked “follow”, and I did the same and followed her to her blog – the name piqued my interest. Reading Donna’s blog, I immediately knew I had to try to write a poem she would be proud to post. And what luck for me, I was still trekking through Alaska trying out the local cuisine, so I had plenty of fresh material.

 Donna’s blog exudes southern mid-west hospitality with its Sela WordPress theme, and cuter than cute hostess photo. It just looks fun, but nothing beats her blog subject: foodie fest meets poesies. Who could want for anything more? Not me.

 But don’t just stop at my poem on Donna’s pages: Donna not only hosts other poets, but she also writes her own fantastic foodie poems about restaurants in and around her lifetime haunt: the windy city, Chicago. I thoroughly enjoyed her work.

 Thanks, Donna!

Image: Ptarmigan:

Fat Ptarmigan is the name of a pizza place in Anchorage that I thought was clever in design and delicious. I had a great time doing historical research for this poem. And Ptarmigan? I had to figure out that odd name.

Publishing Poems

The odds of getting published in a poetry journal are apparently slim: 2% – very slim indeed! I’ve sent a half dozen poems – what I consider to be my better work – to a dozen or more journals with kindly No Thank Yous in response. Three journals have said, Send again. Encouraging, but a resounding NO all the same. I’ve read that to get a poem published you have to submit at least 100 times. Okay, I’ll keep trying.

What is a poem anyway? Are academic degrees necessary?

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Photo: Anni Johnson, 2016

Updating Website

In anticipation of an upcoming show at RiverRead this December, I am reworking the information on my site

I’m not sure what I’ll present for this show, but I’m sure it will include my recent Alaska adventure in one form or another. Photos of my Alaska trip can be viewed on Facebook @ K.Ann Johnson67.

If my last few poems aren’t accepted by a journal soon, I’ll post them here.


Photo: Anni Johnson, 2016

First Request for a Story Hat!

In November, 2015, I received my first request for a story hat. A woman requested a hat for her elderly mom. The only story line I received was that this mom liked “cowboy, turquoise, rhinestones, and frogs.” The rest was up to me.  The hat was custom designed to fit mom’s head size, too. This hat was delivered in time for the holidays.

If you have a request for your own Story Hat send me an email @  with your story.

“I believe art can change not only what we see, but how we see. I believe an everyday hat endowed with the gift of story has the possibility to change indifference into empathy and understanding.

More on Story Hats…

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*Pricing based on story design, materials, and construction. Email for estimate. Gift box included.

Story Hats Copyright, 2015. Anni Johnson.